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Marek Paprocki

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Wczoraj: Marii Cezarego
Dzisiaj: Rozy Apolinarego
Jutro: Emilii Jerzego
Pojutrze: Luizy Ludwika


Odsłon artykułów:


I was born on the 3rd of September, 1963 in Mielec. I have three siblings. From 1970 to 1978 I attended the Primary School No.6 in Mielec.

After that I continued my education in Technical College in Mielec with specialty in craft construction.

Between the years 1980-1983 I was the only representative of the Scouts Council at the National Headquarters of the Polish Scouting Association in Warsaw. From 1983 to 1985 I studied primary education in Rzeszów.

The year 1985 was very important for me because I got married then. I have two children: daughter Ewa and son Kacper.

I started my professional work on the 1st of September, 1985 in Primary School in Trześń. I worked as a teacher of primary education. I also taught music, defense training, design and technology and history. I was also in charge of the school choir, music band and female Scouts in the school. At that time I was also a member of the Polish Scouting Troop Command in Mielec.

In October 1985 I was called up for compulsory military service. In the army, after completing the NCO training I became a writer in 13th Sapper Battalion in Dębica. Considering the fact that I was a teacher I served in the army for 20 months. During the military service I received two military specialties: the writer-clerk and the sapper-miner. After finishing the military service I returned to teaching in Primary School in Trześń.

I was working in Trześń for 6 years (from 1985 to 1991).In 1989 I was elected the commander of the Polish Scoutin Association Troops in Mielec and I have a scoutmaster degree. I was in charge of this organization for one year. I worked there full time, at the same time I was employed at school in Trześń part time. In 1988 I started MA studies at The Higher School of Pedagogy in Rzeszów and I graduated in 1991. That year I took part in a contest for the post of headmaster of Primary School No.1 in Mielec which I won. In 1997 new local authorities announced new contest for the post of headmaster in all primary schools in Mielec. I won the contest unanimously. After the expiration of the term Mielec Municipal Government appointed me once again to the post of headmaster of Primary School No.1. I have worked in this school since then. While I was working at school I was expanding my horizons continually taking part in various training and courses and advanced trainings. In 1994 I completed Post-Graduate Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków on the faculty of protective pedagogy. Later, in 2003, I completed Post-Graduate Studies at the University of Rzeszow on the faculty of management under the reformed educational system and then, in 2005, I completed Post-Graduate Studies on the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Legal Sciences on the local government specialty.

I also want to mention that from 1997 to 1999 I ran my own enterprise – mechanical engineering and locksmith works and I was a consultant and representative in P.P.U.H. “ERGO” company. My wife was co-owner of this company.

I completed the following forms of training:

  1. The course for the Scout’s work organizers organized by The Central School of Scouting Instructors in Załęcz Wielki – 1988
  2. Special case studies for teachers-scouting instructors and the Polish Scouting Association guardians organized by IKN-ODN in Rzeszów – 1988
  3. The course for newly appointed managerial, educational staff organized by WOM in Rzeszów – 1991
  4. Training on “Elements of information technology in primary schools” organized by The Institute of computer Science, Wrocław University – 1993
  5. The course within the framework of TERM-IAE Program in the improvement of education management sphere organized by ODP in Tarnobrzeg – 1997
  6. “Accounting for enterprises” organized by The Promotion of Personnel Foundation – 1997
  7. The course for the occupational safety and health inspectors organized by OS, P.W. “TARBONUS” in Tarnobrzeg – 1998
  8. Workshops for headteachers n the “Preparation for implementation of educational reform” organized by CDP in Rzeszów – 1998
  9. The course for management educators – “EDUKATOR” Program r organized by CODN in Warsaw – 1999
  10. Qualification course for educational managers organized by ODP in Tarnobrzeg – 2000
  11. Training on “Propagation of knowledge about European integration among the youth –teachers’ preparation for teaching about European Union” organized by The Foundation of The International Center of Training and Economic Development in Mielec – 2000
  12. Training on “Video Interaction Training at school – basic methods and possibilities of its use” organized by PLUS Foundation in Kraków – 2001
  13. Training on “Objective evaluation of pupils’ assessments and the elements of quality assurance in education” organized by CKU in Mielec – 2001
  14. The course for candidates to supervisory boards in state-owned companies” organized by Ministry of Treasury in Warsaw – 2002
  15. Training on “The operation of VULCAN” organized by CKP in Mielec – 2002
  16. Training on “How to effectively manage a team to achieve success?” organized by the Center of Managers’ Training in Swieradów Zdrój – 2002

I use my experience and professional skills not only at school as a headmaster but I also share my knowledge with students in Private School of Business in Mielec. I give classes in marketing, management and advertising. I cooperate with Subcarpathian Teachers Improvement Center in Rzeszów – Tarnów division as well. I give trainings on qualification courses for management educators in the field of: Quality management, the estimate of school’s work, educational institution and the local environment. I was also a lecturer on advanced training for teachers and student council’s carers. I gave classes on “ Student’s rights at school”. Since 2000 I have worked in Higher School of Economics and Management in Mielec. I give classes and lead workshops on postgraduate studies on the faculty of Administration on the following subjects: the estimate of work quality in the educational institution and school’s development and planning work.

In addition I would like to say that I have the first degree of professional specialization in organization and management in education. For my achievements in didactic and educational activities I received the following awards:

  • School Superintendent’s Award – 1993
  • Ministry of National Education Award of the second degree – 1997
  • Mielec Mayor’s Award – 2000
  • Ministry of Sport and National Education Award of the first degree – 2002
  • National Education Committee Medal – 2003
  • School Superintendent’s Award – 20School Superintendent’s Award – 2006
  • School Superintendent’s Award – 2006

I was also awarded a bronze medal-“For defense of the country” for my social activity, a gold one “For contribution to fire-fighting” and Silver Honor Badge of War Invalids Association. In 2001 I was chosen by popular vote as the most popular citizen of Mielec (MIELCZANIN ROKU 2001)

In my life I spare a lot of time for social activity. In 1998 I was elected the councilor of Mielec County and I fulfilled the function of the vice-chairman of Mielec County Council and the chairman of the Commission on Security and Public Order. In 2002 I was re-elected the councilor of Mielec County. At present I am the chairman of Mielec County Council. Between 2001 and 2005 I was the president of Senator Lato’s Senatorial Office. From 2004 to 2008 I was the member of the Broadcastong Council of the Rzeszów Third Program. In December 2008 I became the social assistant of Grzegorz Lato (The President of the Polish Football Association).


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